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FXTUL Smoke Machine EVAP Leak Vacuum Diagnostics Smoke Detector for All Vehicles | Economy Repair | Dual Mode

FXTUL Smoke Machine EVAP Leak Vacuum Diagnostics Smoke Detector for All Vehicles | Economy Repair | Dual Mode

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Why do you need a smoke detector?

In modern cars, many check engine codes are caused by air or vacuum leaks. A ruptured vacuum hose causes black smoke from the exhaust and a significant increase in fuel consumption; a leaking vacuum hose makes the engine run weak; a blockage makes the idle speed drift.

Exhaust leaks can be harmful to your health and can cause carbureted cars to backfire. But all of these leaks can be detected with this professional FXTUL fog machine. It supports testing of the entire system and can detect even the smallest leaks. Without the help of smoke, you can't see the leaks. Fixing the problem quickly will save you time and money at the store and help the home mechanic find the problem, not just replace the part.

Full system diagnostics, not missing any leaks.

  • Crankcase system test: Excessive pressure or corrosion of the crankcase is the main cause of damage to the crankcase seal and leads to oil leakage.
  • Intake system test: Intake system leakage can cause the engine to be under power.
  • Car sealing test: the poor sealing of the car may lead to a lot of inconveniences, such as being unable to keep warm and dusty, no sound insulation, no waterproofing, and so on.
  • Fuel Tank system test: When the tank and pipeline are improperly installed or the tank cap is not tightly sealed and there are gaps, the tank system will leak.
  • Turbo test: Coolant leakage can cause the engine to report high water temperatures.
  • Various Pipe Fittings Test: brake hose, power steering hose, cooling system hose, turbocharger hose, fuel hose, smoke test system hose for inlet and exhaust pipes, etc.
  • EVAP system test: Fuel evaporation system leaks can cause fuel vapor to leak into the atmosphere, causing waste and pollution or engine idling instability.
  • Exhaust system test: produce noise pollution and air pollution, the leakage area will soon rust and corrosion, resulting in the gradual expansion of the leakage area.

Why choose FXTUL Smoke Machine?

  • [Wide Vehicle Compatibility] The FXTUL Auto Smoke Machine Leak Detector is compatible with cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, off-road vehicles, beach bikes, light trucks, beach bikes, heavy trucks, and speedboats. It is a universal smoke tester.
  • [Multiple testing functions] Can do smoke testing of multiple systems, including crankcase system, air intake system, car sealing system, fuel tank system, low-pressure turbo leak, various fittings, exhaust system, EVAP system, etc.
  • [Integrated Air Pump + Complete Accessories] Unlike other low-end EVAP smog testers, it comes with a powerful air pump and smog generator, so you don't need to buy additional air machines. It also comes with all the accessories you need, such as an air intake adapter with rubber replacement parts, an adapter cone, a funnel, etc. Valued at over $70, it can help you save time and money. For less money, you can get the same experience as the higher-priced equipment.
  • [Flow Meter + Pressure Gauge] Each pipe in the car has a different air pressure. Too high air pressure will damage the pipe, and too low air pressure will not detect the leak. Through the flow meter, you can easily control the air pressure, making the test safer. And the air pressure gauge can more accurately determine whether there is a leak in the car's pipes. If the pressure index keeps increasing and stabilizes at a certain value, it means your car pipeline has no problem. If the air pressure index drops, it means there is a leak in the car pipe. If the pressure gauge reads zero, it means the size of the leak is more than 0.3 mm. After that, you can use the smoke mode to find the exact leak point. Smoke can be generated in 30 seconds, which greatly reduces the diagnosis time.
  • [Powerful Smoke+Safety and Environmental Protection] Equipped with a high-performance smoke generator and standard pressure device, it can continuously emit a large amount of smoke, but will not drain the car battery or damage the EVAP system. The smoke produced by the machine is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
  • [Intelligent protection] FXTUL automotive leak detector has an intelligent protection device. If it exceeds 75°C or falls below -20°C, it will automatically open the protection mode and disconnect the power to ensure the safety of the operator and equipment.
  • [Portable and cost-effective] The machine is very small and easy to carry to any place. The small size of the machine can eliminate 60% of car troubles. With FXTUL smog detector, you can save a lot of money on repairs. Also when not needed, you can rent it out to your neighbors and friends to earn extra income.

How to use FXTUL Smoke Leak Diagnostic Tool for leak detection?

  1. Shut down the engine and remove the intake air filter. Clean the inner wall of the test interface at the same time.
  2. Install the hook, smoke outlet pipe, and power cord on the machine, and connect the power cord to the 12V automotive power supply. Install the conical adapter on the test interface.
  3. Pour 20ml of test oil into the device, press the air control switch, and wait 30 seconds until the system is pressurized and the pressure gauge status reading is checked.
  4. Press the smoke control switch and reinsert the smoke nozzle into the cone adapter when smoke is evident.
  5. After about 30 seconds, the pipe will be filled with smoke. The system will check for leaks within 2 minutes, and you can check for leaks by looking at the smoke. Use a bright flashlight if necessary.

For more details, please refer to the FXTUL Smoke Detector User Manual.


1. This unit uses Paraffin Wax/Baby Oil/Vegetable Glycerin/Mineral as smoke oil, available in supermarkets or pharmacies. Use a needle-tip bottle or a funnel to refill the smoke oil. When the smoke oil is overfilled, turn the unit upside down to drain some oil. Every three months Do drain all the old oil and refill the new.

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3. All products support a 3-year warranty

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Service Guarantee

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Questions & Answers

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  • How do you set the pressure gauge to determine size of leak?

    Hi, when the pressure value changed more, it indicated a big leak. If the value of the pressure gauge remains unchanged, it means that there is no leakage in the system.

  • Can I use this to check leaks on crankcase systems?

    Yes, you can use F803 automotive smoke machine leak detector to check leaks on crankcase systems.

  • Do I need to prepare an air pump when using it?

    No, this evap smoke machine has its air pump, no need to rely on other machines to complete its operation. Just connect the detector to the DC12V battery, and the smoke can be output within 30 seconds after it's turned on.

  • Can this detect evap system?

    Yes, it can works on EVAP system. Connects Fuel Pipe Leak Detector to the car's EVAP access port, then produce smoke. You will find out to leak point in piping where smoke come out. Please repair the leakage.(Note: The smoke machine isn’t equipped with value code wrench and EVAP special connector)

  • What is the difference between the three models?

    Hi, the biggest difference between the three models is the flow meter and pressure gauge, F603 smoke machine has no flow meter and pressure gauge, F703 smoke machine has a pressure gauge, by observing the change of the pressure gauge value, it is easier to find small leaks. F803 smoke leak detector with flow meter and pressure gauge, all data are clear at a glance, which helps you better control the smoke effect. For other detailed differences, you can see the product description pages of the three models. They are all good helpers for car smoke leak detection.

  • Can you use ultratraceuv dye smoke solution with this machine instead of the baby oil?

    This smoke machine is used with a special smoke oil, baby oil or mineral oil that works perfectly to make smoke.

  • Does this smoke machine automotive only apply to cars?

    It can also be used on motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, light trucks, boats, etc.

  • Can I use the portable 12 volts air compressor to run this machine?

    You don't need a 12 volts air compressor, F803 smoke leak detector has its own air pump which can quickly generate smoke.

  • Do you have to shut this unit off after running a few minutes because of overheating?

    Generally, it is half an hour, more than enough time to detect leaks because this unit is so powerful that most leaks can be found in a short time! In addition, the FXTUL smoke machine has built-in overheat protection, if it exceeds the working limit, such as over 75 °C, it will automatically turn off the power to secure the safety of both the operator and device.

  • Is the smoke leak detector equipped with smoke oil?

    No, It doesn't include smoke liquid, because it is a flammable liquid. BTW, we recommend baby oil or mineral oil.

  • I need the compressor to use this?

    This smoke leak detector does not require a compressor, our package list has configuration tools, just follow the instructions.

  • I lost the power cable and all the attachments for the device, can I order replacements?

    yes, contact the store where you bought.