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FXTUL M3 Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool OBD2 Code Reader Scan Tool For Honda Yamaha Motorcycle

FXTUL M3 Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool OBD2 Code Reader Scan Tool For Honda Yamaha Motorcycle

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Have you encountered the following problems before?
- Bought a similar diagnostic device before, found it slow to read codes
- Are you Tired of paying $500-$1000 per visit to the mechanic? (The amazing thing is that every problem, no matter how big or small, costs about the same to fix)
- I fixed the problem with my car, but does the check engine light/ABS/SRS/transmission warning light stay on?
If so, you need a great companion: FXTUL M3. Whether you're a DIYer or a Mechanic, this is the scan tool you've been dreaming of.


FXTUL M3 is a handheld motorcycle diagnostic tool for mainstream motorcycle brands and can help technicians diagnose problems faster and make repairs. This tool has functions such as voltage detection, multi-language selection, and unit switching. It has a clear interface and is easy to operate. It is a good helper for motorcycle maintenance.


System Diagnosis Features

  • Supports scanning, identification, and code reading of all systems of the current model, and reports the assembly status of all systems and whether there are fault codes for each system.
  • Support to browse the assembly status and fault code description of all systems of the vehicle model.
  • Support one-click code clearing of all systems.
  • Display data stream with oscillogram.


  • Support engine / ABS / Tire pressure / Anti-theft and other systems
  • Read system information
  • Read fault code
  • Clear fault code
  • Read data stream
  • Read freeze frame data
  • Actuator test
  • Action test
  • Service function (including idle speed regulation/throttle position learning, etc.)

Advantages of FXTUL M3 OBD2 Scanner

  • No internet connection or setup required
  • Lightweight one-handed operation
  • Small enough to take it anywhere
  • It has an easy-to-view screen and is easy to operate
  • Multi-brand compatibility: support the diagnosis of Asian, European, and American multi-brand motorcycles
  • Support a variety of diagnostic tests such as reading fault codes and voltage detection, etc.
  • Support ECU reset
  • High data accuracy
  • With real-time data
  • Support 11 languages
  • Cost Effective: Just $56 saves a lot of money and time on repairs. If you are a repair shop mechanic, you will also experience higher customer satisfaction and increased income.

Technical Parameters

  • Voltage: DC10-15V
  • Display: 2.8 "color screen
  • Machine size: 16.5*8.5*2.5CM


Connect the device to the computer and wait for the device to be recognized by the computer. After the recognition is successful, a new drive symbol will appear on the computer. Open this and replace the “DIAGNOSE" folder in the drive with the downloaded “DIAGNOSE" upgrade folder, and then power on again. The updated files can be obtained by contacting customer service or the official website.

For more product information, please refer to the FXTUL M3 Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool product brochure

Support services we provide

  • Free software upgrade
  • 3 years warranty
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Support custom 8 motorcycle models and OEM: If you have a large demand, you can tell us the motorcycle models you need to add, and we will customize the diagnostic instrument for you. At the same time, we also support OEM service, please contact customer service for details or contact us by email:

Why choose FXTUL?

1. Leading brand of motorcycle tools
2. FXTUL official store direct sales, 100% original products
3. Technical team and factory with ten years of experience in motorcycle maintenance
4. All products support a 3-year warranty
5. Support OEM, wholesale and direct sales


1. Please follow the instructions after M3 connects the motorcycle.

2. This USB cable is powered by 5V. It is only used when the PC is connected to the product for upgrading. It cannot be connected to a quick charger higher than 5V.

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Note: Packages sent from Germany to the rest of the EU are not subject to tariffs.

Service Guarantee

All FXTUL products are backed by a three-year warranty. And we provide 7-day, 24-hour customer support.

Questions & Answers

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  • Is this Support Honda rebel 1100?

    yes, supported. You should pay attention to the production year of your motorcycle and see what the diagnostic connector looks like.

  • Hi, I operate a small repair shop and am wonder will this unit work on BMW and Harley Davidson motorcycles?

    NO, m3 can't . you have to order M6. Thanks

  • Das Gerät kann den Fehlercode nicht diagnozieren und kann in dann auch nicht löschen

    Kontaktieren Sie, senden Sie uns ein Video und ein Protokoll und teilen Sie uns die Marke, das Modell und das Baujahr des Motorrads mit

  • did a software upload on my FXTUL M3 and it just says Resources are being loaded., please wait...

    It should be that the update failed, check out our youtube and facebook, or bolg in, there is a video showing how to upgrade

  • Did not light up when connected to my yamaha mio mxi125 here in Philippines? Mine is m3. What could be wrong?

    Try it on a computer or other motorcycle to see if the device is normal. In addition, if the battery on your motorcycle is normal, you can contact us by email and take a photo of the interface for us to see.

  • Thanks for your answer, but where i can buy this 6 pin wire extention, i cant find it in your shop????? You should be more specific and clear about this product. Thanks

    Sorry for the inconvenience, you can take a picture of the battery clip in the store and leave a note, and I will send you a 6-pin diagnostic cable

  • Hello , yesterday you told me that FXTUL M3 supports Honda ADV 350 and PCX 125 (2021 and 2023 year of production). But as i see in the kit there is only 4 pin honda wire included, but my diagnostic port is 6 pin? So How come you say it will work with my bikes? Thank you.

    Just buy an extra euro diagnostic cable (must be ours)

  • Hello, Does it fits to Honda PCX125 (2021) and Honda ADV 350 (2023). Thank you.

    yes, support!

  • I already downloaded the link and installed it in my fxtull m3... but after I updated it, the tool didn't want to light up and didn't go into diagnostics... it just became a blank black light... why is that?

    There may be a problem with the update operation. Please check our blog for instructions on how to upgrade. Please note the key points: 1. The downloaded file is a compressed file, which needs to be unzipped first. The file placed in the root directory of the device is a folder; 2. Do not change the folder name, it must be 'DIAGNOSE';

  • I just got your FXTUL M3 for Kawasaki and my Versys 1000 model is not supported. Is there a way that I can get it to be supported by your tool? I need to perform the throttle body sycronization and that is a modual activation.

    We have received feedback about this recently and it will be resolved in the next version. You can provide your log and send it to so we can take a look at your situation.

  • please let me know which kawasaki models fxtul supports

    Basically all, you can tell us your car model and year, and we will tell you if it is supported

  • Unterstützt ihr Gerät eine Kawasaki versys 1000 Euro 4 Bj 2017

    Ja, es wird unterstützt, aber da Ihr Modell über EURO verfügt, bestätigen Sie bitte den Schnittstellentyp. Sie können sich an wenden.
    Yes, it is supported, but since your model has EURO, please confirm the interface type. You can contact

  • Czy będzie łączyć się z Yamaha mt09 tracer z roku 2017 i honda cb500Xz roku 2017??


  • Czy w Yamaha mt09 tracer można resetować serwis Is it possible to reset the service in Yamaha mt09 tracer?

    Konserwację oleju silnikowego Yamaha zazwyczaj przeprowadza się poprzez ręczne zerowanie.
    Yamaha's engine oil maintenance is generally performed by manual zeroing.

  • Hello! Does your product supports Yamaha Tracer 9? I need to do an idle speed control (TPS) learning data reset. Is it suitable for that? And does it have the 6 pin connector? Thank you in advance for your answer

    1.supoort Yamaha Tracer 9; has ISC, TPS.
    3.6 pin connector - eurov cable? if m3-A, M3-B. need order additionally

  • Does it support Honda NC750X DCT 2014? Somewhere on the web it is said that Honda motorbikes, prior to 2016, "speak" a proprietary protocol... So: FXTUL M3 is able to communicate with my Honda NC750X DCT 2014? Thanks


  • is this can read and erase DTC code of ninjas model of kawasaki?

    yes, it could

  • hello, does it works with VESPA 300 gts 2017? it could read and erase error?

    sure, M3-C could

  • 這是否適用於 kymco Many

    yes, all kymco shouls be supported!

  • Will this work on the kymco downtown 2018 ABS


  • 您好!我的車型是2020年kawasaki Z900有跟經銷商購買貴公司FXTUL M3-A診斷電腦,收到物品測試時發現所附贈的診斷線組只能對應ABS的插頭無法對應ECM的插頭,對於此產品是否就沒有支援診斷Z900ECM的功能

    你的意思ECM的接头没有对应的诊断线? 是6pin的EUROV诊断头吗? 是的话可能需要另外订购. 谢谢

  • Do you supply the 6 pin Yamaha adapter?

    6pin? that should be motor EUROV 6 pin cable. It is standard in M3-C, you can contact the store to purchase it separately if M3-A or M3-B.

  • Does the M3 remove the oil service light from a yamaha tmax560 2022?

    Yamaha's oil light is cleared manually. Generally, there are tutorials in the owner's manual or online.
    You could search in youtube or refer this link :


  • can it be use to harley davidson motorcycle

    It is supported, but the current support is not good, especially for new cars. If it is specifically for Harley, it is not recommended to buy it unless the model and year are confirmed.

  • Hi, will this read ABS codes on a2016 Yamaha R3 in Australia, if so should I get A, B or C?

    yes, a or b include Yamaha. A:OBD2,Yamaha,Honda,Kawasaki; B:OBD2,SYM,KYMCO,YAMAHA


  • the M3-A tool allows me to do an ABS actuator test on a 2022 YAMAHA (XSR 125/155 euro V) THANKS

    May I ask what region you are from? The classification naming of our series may be different. It is most likely supported. You can contact me by email to discuss in detail.

  • Hello, does M3 support kawasaki versys x300 ABS 2018


  • Hello, does M3 support YZF R25/R3 2019 (non-ABS)?


  • Hallo,kann man die Sprache auf Deutsch einstellen?.

    Sie fragen sich, ob das Gerät Deutsch unterstützt? Das tun wir.

  • Does M3 support Kawasaki w800 (2019-2023)

    It should be okay, we have pretty good support for Kawasaki

  • works on voge motorcyles?

    There is no corresponding voge  software for M3, but Chinese motorcycles generally have OBD, and basic code reading and clearing is fine.


  • Does the M3-A support Honda CMX1100D? I'm not seeing CMX in the list of Honda models available to select?

    it shoule be supported. if not in model list. you could use 'system select' ->'quick test'

  • hello there ! how are you all doing ? Does M3 support MANY the MODEL like Honda Sonic, honeda vario, honda SH, HONDA lead,feature neo form year2020 older? thanks

    yes, Basically all Honda models are supported. If it is not in the model list, please use the 'system select' and 'quick test' to let the device automatically match.

  • Does this FxTul model C support my 2021 Suzuki DL650 Euro5 ?

    yes, It should be able to support it

  • It's a 2007 Suzuki VZR1800. Need to be sure, I've only one bike, not needed for any other 😉

    it should be supported.

  • Suzuki VZR1800 which system does it support?

    Please also provide the year information. In theory, it should be supported.

  • Does the M3 remove Oil ligt or service light from triumph motorcycles?

    No. sir. M3 does not support the brand triumph


  • I have the following models and designated brands of motircycle. Kindly verify if supported. Yamaha NMAX V1 and V2 AEROX V1 and V2 Mio Gear Mio Gravis MXi MIOi 125 (M3) Fazzio HONDA PCX (all version) ADV Honda Click 125 and 150 Honda beat (all version) Genio RS150 GTR SUZUKI Burgman Skydrive Fi Gixxer Fi Raider Fi KAWASAKI Rouser Fi Barako 3 Fi

    Yes, most of them should be OK. But M3-A only 3 brands.

    M3-A OBD2,Yamaha,Honda,Kawasaki

  • Work with 2023 Vulcan S Cafe?

    Yes, We have recently updated Kawasaki, so we have good support for Kawasaki’s new motors.

  • Cómo Se puede agregar otros modelos al m3 que actualización se requiere

    No hay forma de actualizar esto. Los tipos que son compatibles con a, b y c de M3 son fijos.

  • It just arrived. There are several cables but no instructions on how to hook it up to my 2006, Suzuki C50 Boulevard. Please help me.

    Señor, no tenemos forma de saber el estado de cada vehículo. Puede buscar en el manual del usuario o en línea para determinar primero la ubicación del cabezal de diagnóstico de la motocicleta y luego seleccionar el cable de conexión de acuerdo con el cabezal de diagnóstico.

  • is het mogelijk om met fxtul m3 a honda cbr1000rr 2014 uit te lezen zie bij model invoer hiervoor geen optie

    yes, but not in model list, need use system select, quick test

  • welke 11 talen ondersteunt fxtul(What 11 languages does FXTUL support)

    Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Khmer, Thai, English, French, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Indonesian.  The German language has recently been added

  • Suporta as Yamaha do Brasil tipo Fazer 250 Lander 250 Crosser 150

    The Yamaha motors change the model name in Brazil ,I just confirme Fazer is okay because we have a customer there , work fine. The other 2 models, I guess it will be ok. Use 'system select' ->'quick test'. Let device match the motor automatically

  • Suporta as motocicletas Yamaha do Brasil tipo fazer 250 Crosser 150 Factor 150

    fazer 250 is OK, Some customers have used it. I'm not sure about the other two because the names of the Brazilian models have been changed. But it is most likely possible. You need to select 'system select'->'quick test' to make it match the system.

  • I have A Aprilia Caponord ETV 1000 2001 model and a Moto Guzzi 1200 sport 2006 model can you confirm these models are supported as i am very keen to buy one of you type c. scanners. thanks

    sir, sorry. for  Aprilia Caponord, only 2013+. and we don't support Moto Guzzi.

  • Hello, does M3 support Kawasaki KLX250 2013?

    yes, support

  • hello, it is Milan gain, does it support honda crf 1000 L, 2019 model? Thank you for quick reply

    I can't be 100% sure to support it, but there is a high probability that it is supported. If you are only use for this motor alone, you can wait for our confirmation before buying. If there are other motors that can also be used, it is recommended to buy. Because we will continue upgrade, even if it is not supported temporarily, it will be possible in the future. Or you could tell us the ecm information of the motorcycle, help us confirm.

  • hello, does it support honda crf 1000 africa twin?

    which year of your motor? it support Honda CRF (1000)(2017).

  • With the FX toolM3 can i order cables for other bikes ?

    The software only support the list motors .or you could use obd. What's your motor, you could try m6

  • Can use for Honda NHX110 2010 scooter


  • Posso usar na Yamaha YS 250 ? / Can I use it on the Yamaha YS 250?

    Not sure, we'll update the results after we try.

  • Where would I see the function to reset ECU for Honda Vario 125?

    Normal connection, enter diagnosis, select service function

  • Hi can this product support yamaha nmax 155 ABS model year of 2023

    The new model in 2023 cannot be confirmed, we have not measured it yet.


  • I want to become a dealer in Indonesia and buy in large quantities

    very sorry  ,This question and answer is not processed in real time, please contact

  • Na tela principal, no modo OBD2 quais as motos são suportadas ?

    As long as your motorcycle has an OBD interface, it can support diagnosis.

  • Do you have a model that supports Ducati?

    M6 supports Ducati motorcycles. You can tell me the specific year and model of your motorcycle, and we will check whether it is supported for you.

  • How do I know which motorcycle models the M3 equipment is suitable for?

    You can check our description and option picture description. If you are not sure, you can tell us your motorcycle make, model and year.

  • Does M3 support Vietnamese language?

    Yes, our devices support a total of 11 languages including Vietnamese. You can switch the language you need anytime.

  • How long can the device support software upgrades?

    FXTUL's motorcycle diagnostic instrument supports lifetime free software upgrade service. For specific software upgrade methods, please refer to the product manual. Relevant update and upgrade files can be obtained by contacting customer service or through the download menu of the website.

  • Could this obd2 scanner clear the check engine light on my dashboard?

    Yes, our diagnostic instrument can be suitable for motorcycles of the OBD2 interface, which can remove the fault code of the engine.

  • What is the difference between the different models?

    The three models of the M3 motorcycle diagnostic device are the same in terms of function and appearance, but the motorcycle models they can apply are different. M3-A is suitable for motorcycles of Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and OBD2; M3-B is suitable for motorcycles of Yamaha, Kymco, SYM and OBD2; M3-C is suitable for SUZUKI, Vespa, EUROV and OBD2 motorcycles.

  • Do you have to be connected to the internet to scan motorcycles?

    No. Our motorcycle diagnostic device does not need to connect to the network, it only needs to be connected to the motorcycle.