7 Essential Motorcycle Accessories for Motorcyclists

Motorcycle helmet

A motorcycle helmet is one of the most essential parts of your cycling kit. And in many places, it is legal to wear a helmet while riding. The benefits of helmets to riders are numerous. The obvious biggest benefit is that it can avoid your head injury as much as possible in a traffic accident. You will also be protected from dirt and flying insects that can damage your eyes or mouth while riding, thanks to the protective effect of the helmet. With the development of technology, helmets have become more versatile. There are now many Bluetooth-enabled helmets that allow you to take calls, listen to music, etc., while riding a motorcycle. Wearing a full helmet can also make you look more mysterious, and the cool shell adds some mysterious excitement to the ride.

Gloves for motorcycle

A good pair of motorcycle gloves can also protect you from injury in the event of a cycling accident. Gloves don't protect you from everything, but they can help if you end up in an accident. Most people are likely to try to reach out to protect themselves when they are in a traffic accident. But it's very risky behavior, and you could break a bone. If you're not wearing motorcycle gloves, you can also bruise your skin or lose your fingers. In addition to protecting you in a crash, most motorcycle gloves come with knuckle protectors. They are made of leather and look great. If you wear gloves while riding, they can also protect your hands from the wind and rain.

Gloves for motorcycle

Motorcycle riding clothes

Motorcycle riding clothes are very popular among motorcycle riders. Not only does it keep your ride safe, but it also makes you look cool. According to the cycling sports scene, there are four types of motorcycle cycling clothing: urban commuting, motorcycle travel adventure, track, and off-road. In daily life, urban commuting or long and short-distance motorcycle travel takes up at least 80% of the cycling scene, so it is more practical to buy these two types of cycling clothes. Racetrack one-piece or split leathers are expensive and used infrequently (except by professional drivers). Cross-country is a relative niche cycling sport, rarely covered by the average motorcycle rider.

Mobile phone stents

Cell phones are now the rider's best riding companion. Mobile phone navigation has become an indispensable part of our daily travel. Choose a mobile phone holder, that can ensure smooth and safe riding. However, if they are not properly attached to your motorcycle, they can quickly become road killers. We recommend that you purchase shock absorbers for your phone mount. Without it, motorcycle vibrations can damage your phone, and the quality of any video or picture you take on the road will plummet.

Motorcycle bags

Carrying a backpack while cycling can be tiring, not only in terms of ride comfort and experience but also aerodynamically. If you need a backpack for cycling, it's best to choose a backpack that is suitable for cycling. When choosing a motorcycle backpack, you can consider the aerodynamics as well as the shell and capacity of the backpack.

Motorcycle bags

Motorcycle windshield

The windscreen is also a necessary accessory, especially when the wind or rain is too heavy, the windscreen can protect your eyes from the wind and rain, so that you have a clear and comfortable road viewing experience, to ensure the safety of cycling.

Motorcycle crash cover, crash guard, and crash ball

To be truly crash-resistant and enjoy a comfortable riding experience, riders also need to be fitted with crash protection covers, crash protection bars, and crash protection balls. Among them, the anti-fall cover is installed on the motorcycle engine protection cover, when the motorcycle reversing or even bending Angle is too large, it can reduce the direct friction between the engine and the ground, to protect the heart of the motorcycle from damage. In addition, the engine is installed with an anti-fall cover, also to avoid the engine from burning the human body, so that riding is more comfortable and safe. The installation of anti-crash bars, on the one hand, can provide good protection for the body when it falls to the ground. On the other hand, it can also cooperate with the frame to form a triangle space, when backing up to avoid you being squeezed by the body of the secondary injury.

Motorcycle crash cover, crash guard, and crash ball

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