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What is the motorcycle life of American motorcyclists like?

Los Angeles, California, is the largest city on the west coast of the United States, located in southern California on the west coast, and is a city of many different kinds of things. Los Angeles is known as LA, which means "City of Angels", and is surrounded by mountains on three sides and the sea on the other. The city is a motorcycle paradise in every sense of the word. It's perfect for riding all year round and has everything you can think of to do with motorcycles. There is a big-name California racing school and a large number of custom motorbike brands. In the impression we get from American blockbusters, the United States is supposed to be a "biker's paradise" for motorcycle enthusiasts, and we are thrilled to see all kinds of motorcycle racing and flying scenes in movies. In the American view, these scenes are simply "unbelievable" and unimaginable in reality.

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Although the income level of American riders cannot be determined, certainly, even the poorer people rarely use motorcycles as just a means of transportation. Motorcycle ownership is 3.2 per 100 people nationwide and 3.4 per 100 people in the central U.S., while Wyoming has a maximum of 7 per 100 people per capita. The eastern U.S. has a low level of ownership due to weather conditions. Due to traffic congestion, there are tolled sections of highways that are free for motorcycles. America's favorite motorcycle brand is Harley, which is the local motorcycle leader, accounting for 29.3% of annual sales, followed closely by Honda and Yamaha. There is a household saying in the United States: "A Harley-Davidson in your youth, a Cadillac in your old age, is the end of your life." As a life to pursue the dream and goal, Harley-Davidson heritage is a spirit, its name - freedom.

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NO1.Is it good to get a motorcycle license in the United States?

Motorcycle licenses in California are issued by the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and there are two types of motorcycle licenses: M1 and M2, one for bicycles and the other for all motorcycles over 50mL (Bombardier motorcycles require a car license). In other words, you can easily pass the test with a 100mL scooter, and then you can ride a 1584mL displacement Harley "Big Glide" legally on the street.

At the same time, the registration is quite simple. First, go to the nearby DMV with relevant identification (foreign visitors with passports and I94 forms), fill out the form and pay for the written test, then make an appointment to take the road test, and rent a scooter at the local area and you can easily pass.

NO2. Can scooters in the United States be drilled?

The California legislature finally passed lane-splitting legislation on August 4, making it the first and only state in the country to allow motorcycle riders to drill into the seams of their vehicles, which they believe is safer for motorcycles. On the written test for a car license, there is a question that as you turn, in addition to looking in the mirror, you have to turn your head back to make sure there is no motorcycle. There are even civil society organizations that call for turning back twice, for the safety of motorcycle riders.

NO3. Is there a toll for motorcycles on the highway in the US?

In Los Angeles, even the poorer people rarely use motorcycles as a means of transportation. The morning and evening rush hour traffic in Los Angeles is no less congested than in Beijing or Shanghai, but because people rarely merge, even congestion is relatively orderly. Due to traffic congestion, Los Angeles has some tolled sections of freeways, which are free for motorcycles.

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NO4. Is there anyone to control the head on the street in the US?

Because of the high police enforcement authority in the U.S., people are afraid to and unlikely to act aggressively on the road, whether it is a motorcycle or a car. And those videos of headbanging on the highway, if you think it looks enjoyable, then the surrounding Americans will feel more enjoyable when they see it because they know that if they are caught by the police, they can be sentenced to up to 20 years.

In Los Angeles, no one will restrict your right of way, just that you must respect the local laws. The speed limit in the US is very strong, and although there are no surveillance cameras, the police are everywhere. So you must ride well and slowly on the street.

NO5. What is the attitude of the American public towards motorcycles?

Los Angeles is the capital of entertainment culture, but the mainstream media can also be said to be indifferent to motorcycles. They only care about two types of motorcycle groups: one is those star riders in the Hollywood Hills, and the other is the hit-and-run riders who are chased by police in helicopters. Because of speedsters and other reasons, the police on the road also pay special attention to two types of riders: one type of rider driving a sports car and one type of rider wearing a leather vest with a club logo driving a Harley motorcycle. If more than 8 people ride together, the police will also follow them at any time.

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