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Honda 190 motorcycle riding life - from motorcycle riders share

Today's article comes from a motorcycle rider who shares his riding story. The following content is his story.

A new honda 190 motorcycle arrives.

honda 190 motorcycle

honda motorcycle

After replacing the new motorcycle, the idea was that after the national road overtaking finally not suffocating, riding long distances finally sitting high to see far comfortable (naive fake long-distance players)

The long time of running around alone.

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I did the first 13,000 miles almost by myself. Every Friday night I lay down in bed and opened the satellite map to find out where to ride tomorrow. People always say "I know a shortcut", in my opinion, knowing that there is no way here also must have a way. The original chain was ruined after 10,000km (it was not durable, a common problem). From the previous very cherished tires to the back of the bad road to play mud has been numb.

used motorcycle

When I arrived at my new riding environment, they brought the images from the MOTO123 and GP and the Isle of Man TT to life when I thought I would be riding on dirt roads all the time.

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I was shocked when I saw it and realized that I could ride a motorcycle like this. I was curious at the time and tried to learn, but I didn't continue because I was afraid. Since I couldn't feel the fun of the bend, I rode long distances and became a model rider (I had only fallen twice before that).

Climbing snowy mountains by motorcycle.

Climbing snowy mountains by motorcycle

Motorcycle ride across the grass.

Motorcycle ride across the grass

Remembering my second motorcycle crash.

Remembering my second motorcycle crash

But people can change. At the beginning of the year, no one would have known that a model rider would stop riding long distances and do something that was out of his league - be a reckless rider!

indian motorcycle

A closed road and three-cone buckets opened the door to a new world. The feeling of exploring the limits of the vehicle while flying close to the ground and fighting against centrifugal force was something that playing with mud and riding long distances could not give, and from then on, every day after work was around the motorcycle. The tire marks on the ground are the last perfect mission of the 20,000km original tires.

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The first time I fell on a motorcycle and rubbed my knee, my heart became more and more unstable. But the aging original tires and the original bike's extreme lean angle were not matched, and then rightfully fell off the bike.

When I reached 21,000km, I changed to the more durable ROSSO SPORT in a fit of rage.

Motorcycle tyre

Until motorcycle riders need to take videos to add color to their lives, I realized that handsome is the truth, but also to ensure safety.

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The premise of the correct concept of riding is familiarity with their motorcycle increased, in the future on the road can be better control of the vehicle to make riding safer at the same time, but also to enhance confidence and fun when exploring unknown road conditions. After all, riding for a long time is more fun.

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