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Vintage Motorcycles|Eight popular cars to compare

People who like vintage motorcycles must have a special vintage sensibility. In this article, we will introduce eight popular retro bikes to give a reference guide to those who are ready to buy a retro motorcycle.
Sundiro Honda CBF190TR Overall rating: 8.5. It is a retro car with more fashionable models, the new two special edition colors, suitable for girls. A tank of gas can run about 350 kilometers, with official fuel consumption of 2.15. Using it to do the usual downtown transportation is no problem at all. It is agile and comfortable, and quality is not a concern at all.
Sundiro Honda CBF190TR
WUYANG-HONDA CB190SS comprehensive rating: 8.4. Its new version of the upgrade is quite a big change, very cafe. Car fuel tank volume is the highlight, easy to run 500 km, fuel consumption in 2.9, the power is a little worse than tr. Its tires are not vacuumed tires, two cars to choose, performance or choose tr more, but if you like this look, after all, there is no difference so you also can select it.
Benelli BJ 250 overall rating of 7.7. Tires using the Elephant M5 semi-hot melt tires, front, and rear ABS. It is said that the car noise is particularly large, it is the chain drive car's common problem. This car is specifically out of a queen model, harvesting the hearts of many girls.
Benelli BJ 250
VOGE 300AC comprehensive rating of 8.8. This car is not so retro, feel joined by the imitation race elements. It is a Loncin sub-brand, does their engine, also to BMW OEM. Most importantly, the car price is too affordable, the evaluation is much better than the Benelli BJ. The body is light and easy to handle, and the engine revs up quickly. The acceleration is powerful and the damping and braking are excellent, so this car is still worth buying.
CYCLONE RE3 Overall rating: 8.9. The frame is full and has dual exhaust. Classic British retro style, modification space is very large. Engine power below 3500 rpm smooth, throttle response is relatively timely, sufficient power.
Chinchilla 300 Overall rating: 8.4. The throttle response is quick, and the third gear can cope at 25 km/h. It can be used like an automatic when driving in the city. The shock absorbers are soft and light, suitable for long-distance running.
Chinchilla  300
Honda CM300 overall rating: 8.4. Entry-level Bobber retro cruise, the center of gravity is relatively low, riding stable, flexible, accurate gearshift, with the support of the slippery clutch, shift process as smooth as silk, and at the same time has a good preservation rate of quite good.
Honda CM300
GV300S Bobber Overall rating:9.0. High-value Bobber style urban American cruiser, in the urban environment, this V-cylinder engine driving can be said to be unique, you can both start in a faster step, while when you maintain a high-grade cruising can also reserve the power of sufficient.

GV300S Bobber

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