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Power of Freedom—Motorcycle

A motorcycle is more than a means of transportation, it is a representative of the power of freedom. And a good set of motorcycle repair tools can make this freedom more durable and worry-free!


FXTUL founded in Shenzhen, China, has been specializing in motorcycle repair testing and diagnostics for many years.

  • Unique Technology

    FXTUL has a factory that designs and develops products. With decades of experience in motorcycle maintenance, FXTUL's technicians can accurately understand the needs of motorcycle owners and develop products that truly meet the needs of customers. Whether you drive a Harley or a BMW motorcycle, we've got the right motorcycle tool for you.

  • Continuous Iterative Innovation

    FXTUL has a well-trained after-sales team that specializes in handling customer product issues and collecting customer feedback on products. For product suggestions, the after-sales team will promptly feedback to the product designers, who will then further adjust and optimize the product to provide better motorcycle repair product tools.

  • Our Vision

    We are committed to becoming the backbone of the motorcycle aftermarket. With craftsmanship spirit of craft and technology to create the outstanding charm of motorcycle products. Changing lives with technology makes it more convenient to repair motorbikes.

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  • Dedicated Research and Innovation

    FXTUL has always maintained a revolutionary spirit of innovation and exploration, producing superior motorcycle repair products based on our years of experience in motorcycle repair. We also respect the feedback needs of all our loyal users. Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions for product upgrades. We want to create more products that fit our users' needs!

  • Win-win cooperation

    We support OEM and ODM services to share technology and market with you. We also have a complete motorcycle dealer system and provide 24-hour sales support. Our sales representatives will also help you understand the product and business faster and better before the sale. Let's work together and become experts in motorcycle maintenance together!

  • Customer Centric

    FXTUL always puts the customer first. We promise a three-year lifetime warranty on all our products. We have a strict quality control department to ensure that each product is complete and usable before shipment. We listen carefully to any feedback from our customers to make every customer who trusts FXTUL feel better about our products and services!

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