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How to change tires on a motorcycle?

Have people ever changed their motorcycle tires? Most of you should have just asked someone at the store to help you change the tires when you bought them. Although it's convenient to ask for help from the store, it costs an extra amount of money. If you save that amount of money, you can buy the modification parts you've been thinking about for a long time! So this time, let's explain how to change the tires by yourself.
As a demonstration of the vehicle and the tires used, the tire size is 120/70-17 at the front and 190/55-17 at the rear, which is the tire size often used for liter-class exhaust super sports cars.

Tire replacement DIY instruction "Preparation"

The following is to introduce the tools that must be used to change tires.

1. Repair manual: You can check how to remove the tire from the motorcycle and the preset torque value of the axle.
2. Wrenches and sleeves: The size of the sleeves needed to remove the axle can be confirmed from the maintenance manual.
3. Motorcycle parking rack: The tool used to raise the vehicle (tire). If you want to hold the tire firmly so that it will not move, it is recommended to use the parking stand.
4. Valve core driver: to remove the valve core inside the valve, to be used when the tire quickly deflated tool.
5 Tire removal stick: the tire will be used to remove from the frame, prepare four or so will be enough to use.
6. Wheel frame protection pad: use the tire removal stick to remove the tire from the wheel frame, can protect the wheel frame will not be scratched.
7. Tire paste: when installing tires, to make the installation process smoother will use the tire paste.
8. Tire presser: a tool used to remove the tire bead from the wheel frame.
9. Tire balancer: after replacing the tire, the tool is used to adjust the weight of the tire.
10. Counterweight balancing piece: used when adjusting the tire counterweight on the balancer.
11. Air compressor and tire pressure gauge: to pump air into the tire and adjust to the appropriate tire pressure, the general gas station will usually also have this tool.

Tire replacement DIY instruction"Do-it-yourself" section

To change a tire, proceed as follows.
1. Remove the entire tire
2. Remove the wheel frame
3. Put on the tire
4. Adjust the tire counterweight
5. Putting back the wheel frame

The following will explain each of them in order.

1. Remove the whole tire

The key point when replacing! Since the torque value of the rear axle nut is quite high, it is recommended to use a plate hand with a longer handle, which will be more efficient in applying force. In addition, the chain and rear wheel brake caliper can be hung on the rocker's arm like in the photo, but be careful not to scratch the rocker's arm.

motorcycle tire changing kit
motorcycle tire change tool kit
motorcycle tire changer

2. Remove the tire

2.1 First, use the valve core driver to remove the valve core. Not much effort is needed to separate.
changing motorcycle tires
2.2 Remove the tire from the wheel frame using the tire removal stick.
2.2.1 To avoid damage to the wheel frame, install the wheel frame protector.
change motorcycle tire
2.2.2 Insert the tire removal stick into the gap between the tire and the wheel frame to remove the tire.
2.2.3 Use several tire removal rods to remove the tires at the same time.
motorcycle tire installation
2.2.4 Remove the tire by pressing the knee cap in the opposite direction.
motorcycle tire machine
2.2.5 After removing half of the tire, you can directly separate the tire from the wheel frame by hand.
best motorcycle tires
2.2.6 The other side is also removed using the same method
motorcycle tire change
▲ Successfully removed the whole tire!

3. Putting on the tire

3.1 Apply a layer of tire paste to the tire lips and verify that the tires are oriented correctly.

3.1.1 Apply the tire paste to the tire lips to increase the lubrication during installation.
tire mounting paste tire paste
3.1.2 The wheel frame is also coated with a layer of tire paste.
tire paste tire mounting paste
3.1.3 Before putting on the tires, please make sure that the tires are oriented correctly.
tires motorcycle motorcycle tires
3.1.4 When you start to mount the tires, you should first press them with your hands.
tires for motorcycle

3.1.5 If you use tire paste, you can put it on with your hands alone!

tires for motorcycles tires motorcycles

3.1.6 Then use the tire removal stick to put the tire on the frame, in the opposite order as when you pulled it off.

how to change a motorcycle tire

3.1.7 Be careful not to hurt the wheel frame.

tire changer for motorcycles

3.1.8 Finally pressed by hand again.

tire changer motorcycle

changing a motorcycle tire

▲ Follow the above steps to mount the tire on the wheel frame smoothly!

3.2 Inflate the tire and tighten the lip

Keep pumping the tire until you hear the "thump" sound, and then install the valve core to adjust the tire pressure to the correct value.
3.2.1 Inflate the tire before putting on the valve core! The sound of "thump" indicates that the air has been successfully pushed up and touched the wheel frame.

how change motorcycle tire

3.2.2 Finally, install the valve core again and adjust the tire pressure to the correct value.

how to change tires on a motorcycle

4. Adjust the weight of the tire

Use a tire balancer to check which side of the tire is heavier, just turn the tire casually, the heavier area will naturally face down, and then mark the top of the tire. Because most of the tires are heavier near the air nozzle, so just find which side of the tire is lighter, and after installing the balancing piece in that area, you can make the tire's counterweight more balanced.

4.1 The area near the air nozzle is heavier so it will naturally turn to the bottom.

motorcycle tire balance

4.2 Marking the reverse (lighter areas)

motorcycle tire balancing

4.3 Put on the balance sheet to adjust the counterweight.

Balance sheet motorcycle tire balance

4.4 Success in maintaining horizontal status!

motorcycle tire changing machine

motorcycle tire changing tools

▲Put the balancing piece firmly on the tire

5. Putting the tire back on the motorcycle

5.1 Oiling before mounting

Take this opportunity to oil the other parts to prevent scuffing, wear and rust.

motorcycle oil
▲ Apply a layer of lubricating oil to the frame bearing
motorcycle tire repair kit

▲The axle is also oiled by the way

motorcycle tire changing tools

▲ Apply a layer of lubricating oil

5.2 Put the tires back on the motorcycle in the opposite order as before.

5.2.1 It is easier to put the tire on if it is supported by the foot.

motorcycle tire installers near me

5.2.2 Remember to be careful not to scratch other parts of the vehicle during installation.

motorcycle tires michelin

5.2.3 Thread the shaft core through the tire.

thread the shaft core through the tire

5.2.4 Do not forget to install the spacer.

motorcycle tire balance beads

5.2.5 Lock the nut back to the original preset torque value.

motorcycle tire spoons

Although a lot of tools are needed to change tires, you will find that the weight and softness of tires vary depending on the brand after you try it yourself.
The first time you change a tire by yourself, it may take you three hours, so a motorcycle company that can help people change tires in 20-30 minutes is a good helper for our riders!

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