How to avoid motorcycle accidents

How to avoid motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycles have become a regular mode of transportation for many people because of their flexible operation, compact size, and ease of use. Many people enjoy the freedom and adrenaline rush that comes with riding a motorcycle. However, riding a motorcycle can be very dangerous if you are not prepared. The safety factor of the motorcycle itself relies on the skill and riding awareness of the rider. Throughout the vast majority of motorcycle traffic accidents on the road, this is the case. It would be best if these types of things could be avoided. The following will talk about some of the relevant aspects of riding safety in general from a safety perspective, and how to avoid accidents on the road.

Objectively speaking, motorcycles are indeed dangerous compared to cars, and this danger comes from several aspects.

  1. Difficulty of operation

 Two-wheeled motorcycles are dynamically stable when driving, and are inherently a critical state between stability and instability, so mastering balance is the most basic skill. And driving a motorcycle requires all four limbs. Except for scooters with automatic transmission, motorcycles that require gear shifting require both hands and feet to be involved in the operation. Not only do both feet have to control the gearshift and rear brake, but they also have to support the vehicle at all times at low speeds, making it easy to get into a state of fumbling. Furthermore, the front and rear brakes need to be independently controlled, and the front and rear braking force ratios are all controlled by the driver. Sometimes the rear wheel skids when the throttle is closed too quickly or when the gear is shifted incorrectly, which can cause the vehicle to swing.

  1. Safety configuration gap

ABS has long been popular in cars, but motorcycles with ABS on the front wheels are high-grade motorcycles, not to mention EBD and ESC, and many emergencies need to be resolved by the driver's skills, not by the vehicle's safety features. In terms of structure, the driver of a motorcycle is exposed, and motorcycles do not have any cushioning structure like cars.

high-grade motorcycles
  1. Driver's awareness

Due to the current contradiction between social development and the traffic environment, transportation is upgraded from walking and bicycles to motor vehicles at once, while many people ride motorcycles or based on the experience of riding bicycles, traffic rules are null and void in the eyes of many people. For cars, a large number of electronic eyes can limit their violations, while motorcycles, which are not easily monitored, can act with impunity. This, coupled with the motorcycle's higher thrust-to-weight ratio, allows it to gain better speed than a car, especially at low speeds. 

These three items can be considered the root cause of motorcycle danger. We cannot change the form and driving style of motorcycles, all we can do is protect ourselves and improve our driving skills. Now, let's talk about the rider's equipment.

Motorcycle Helmet

A motorcycle helmet is an essential piece of protective gear. Many people do not have the habit of wearing a helmet before riding a motorcycle, and also feel that wearing a helmet is too heavy and inconvenient to carry after leaving the car, so they do not wear one.

Riding a motorcycle without a helmet against the wind is not that comfortable
Riding a motorcycle without a helmet against the wind is not that comfortable
It is also important to have a good visor for your helmet
It is also important to have a good visor for your helmet

Of course, in addition to blocking the wind, helmets are mainly for safety, and the chances of death due to cranial trauma are very high. In addition, there is a high chance of head trauma while driving a motorcycle. When buying a helmet, it is important to note that a helmet is not a prop to cope with police checks or to show off your personality, but to have the ability to protect. Low-priced helmets cushioning performance may be very poor, and beautiful helmets may not meet the safety standards. There are many helmet certifications on the market, please pick a 3C certification helmet. To ensure safety, the helmet is best to choose the mainstream big brand. Helmet protection strength from high to low order is a full helmet, uncovered helmet, three-quarter helmet, and half helmet, the priority is to choose the full helmet can be. Wearing helmets to use the correct way, helmet size must also choose right. An additional point, try to use some of the helmets for electric bicycles because the safety standards coefficient is different. Helmet windshield at night it is best not to use sunglasses models, easy to have a blind spot in the field of vision.

Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle Protective Gear and Riding Wear

If you are just commuting within the city, basically protective gear is fine, note that you need to have CE certification. Protective gear mainly protects the knee pads and elbow pads. There are generally long and short leg pads, so it depends on your choice. I recommend choosing a long knee pad, which provides some protection for the calf bone. Cycling clothing protection is more comprehensive than knee pads, which include protection for the back, shoulders, hips, and a better fit for the body, and of course, the big-name cycling clothing itself is more handsome.

Motorcycle gloves

Many riders think that basic equipment is enough as long as there is a helmet, the other is superfluous. The gloves are equipment that is easily overlooked. In many crashes, riders subconsciously reach out to support their bodies, which is very dangerous. The role of gloves in addition to protecting the skin of the hand after the fall and finger key bump, but more importantly, anti-slip. Prevent the handle due to hand sweat or rain slippage caused by the handle off, throttle operation error, and other problems. Or in colder weather, gloves can avoid finger stiffness.

Motorcycle gloves

The choice of gloves on three points: 1. Size appropriate. They are not loose or tight after wearing. 2. Wear-resistant. Glove shock absorbing block and key parts of the material can be hand protection in place. 3. flexible. After wearing finger operation is flexible, mainly depending on the material, to avoid hardness.

Other motorcycle equipment

In addition to basic safety equipment, there are other additional protective gear options available to enhance safety levels, including leather jackets, leather pants, hand guards, leg guards, back guards, boots, etc.

It is important to note that currently protective leather jackets and pants have protective gear built into the interior of the clothing, so be sure to pay attention to the size of the clothing when shopping. Ensure that the position of all protective gear can match your body, too big or too small riding clothes will not only fail to protect the rider but may also cause injury.

Back protectors are also important equipment that can protect the back and spine when sliding in a fall. There have been cases of paralyzing spinal injuries in motorcycle accidents, so it is important to pay attention to protection.

However, good equipment can only mitigate the damage to your body once you fall or have an accident. In essence, it cannot prevent you from falling or having an accident. You still need to improve your motorcycle driving skills and awareness to avoid it completely.

Motorcycle riding motorcycle equipment

Motorcycle Driving Tips


First of all, we should know that two-wheeled riding relies mainly on the front brake, and the rear brake is basically in a secondary role. This is especially true when the speed is greater than 70km/h. Also, put your hand on the brake when parking. A large number of motorcycle accidents occur at intersections. Putting your hands on the front and rear brakes when stopping will reduce reaction time.

Watch out for the wheels of other cars

If you are not sure where the car in front of you will turn, look at the wheels of their car. The angle of the wheels will indicate which direction they want to go next. Knowing this information ahead of time can help you avoid many accidents.

Pay attention to the road conditions

In addition to cars, watch out for other conditions on the road. Other dangerous road debris includes gravel, puddles, oil on the road, large tree branches in the street, bumps in the road, etc.

Motorcycle riding

Check your mirrors often

Know what's happening behind you by checking your mirrors. Keep an eye on the vehicles behind you to avoid accidents or rear-end collisions when changing lanes.

In addition to these basic driving points, it is also important to have a good driving sense.

  1. Downshift before encountering the intersection, and put your hands and feet on the front and rear brakes
  2. When riding on side roads, always keep an eye on both sides of the intersection and the barrier.
  3. Keep a certain distance from the vehicle in front of you (depending on your speed) to avoid sudden braking or turning.
  4. When riding on mountain roads, reduce speed and sound the horn in advance when encountering U-shaped and Z-shaped curves to remind oncoming traffic, and do not cross the road to ride
  5. Resist the impulse to ride between cars in traffic
  6. once encountered in the bus, large trucks, or dump truck lane change, it is best to slow down to give way, forcibly overtaking the road is extremely dangerous
  7. Don't speed and race on city roads
  8. Do not fight with other cars and motorcycles
  9. Avoid speeding during sharp turns
  10. Don't drink and drive, and avoid drinking alcohol when riding a motorcycle

If your riding habits can do the above, although you can not completely avoid accidents, but can largely reduce the probability of accidents in your daily riding. Of course, safe driving requires a good motorcycle in addition to good driving skills and the necessary protective equipment. Check your motorcycle regularly to make sure all parts are working properly. If your motorcycle starts making strange noises or has trouble steering, consult a mechanic. If you don't, you may have an accident while riding.

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