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How to do maintenance on a motorcycle ? What are the motorcycle maintenance items?

Motorcycle maintenance is a systematic project that consists of many items together, not just oil changes. Regular maintenance of motorcycles can identify various hidden problems and prevent breakdowns. This extends the life of the motorcycle, reduces maintenance costs, and allows the vehicle to perform at its highest level. Motorcycle maintenance items mainly include oil, gasoline, carburetor, spark plugs, tires, tooth chains, brake skins, electrical circuits, water lines, fuel tanks, shock absorbers, etc. Learn more about these items below. 

What are the motorcycle maintenance items

1. Oil

The oil is the first thing to be maintained, and it is important to choose the correct oil and the amount of oil to add.

2. Air filter 

Air filters are like human lungs. So the use of a clean air filter is very necessary. Once the air filter is broken, dust and sand will all enter the cylinder through the carburetor (EFI as well). Wear rings and valves, if clogged, will cause a lack of power, and increased fuel consumption. Increased fuel consumption will inevitably lead to high-speed exhaust black smoke. Over time, the valve carbon, the motorcycle's durability, and power will be discounted. 

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3. Tires

Daily tire maintenance is to wash to keep the tread clean, the tread should not be stuffed with stones. Most importantly, tires can not engage on water wax, or oil. Because oil has an affinity for rubber, it can lead to tire cracking and deterioration, endangering your safety, because motorcycles rely on pressure to achieve cornering, and tires are the most important. 

4. Fuel tank 

If you have time, you can remove the fuel tank once a year. Remove the oil switch, pour out the water rust at the bottom, and then dry and reload the tank.

5. Carburetor

As above, the carburetor will accumulate some impurities after a long time. You can loosen the oil drain screw under the carburetor to make the impurities flow off with the gasoline. If the carburetor leaks, it must be serviced and replaced in time. Once the carburetor leaks, the gasoline will leak into the tank. If pushed, the gasoline will leak into the crankcase and dilute the oil. If you happen to like to pull high rpm, then your car is not far from being scrapped.

6. Battery 

The battery is best replenished once every six months.

7. Shock absorbers 

The front shock is 1 year to change the Damping oil, Damping oil can use as the famous factory motorcycle Damping oil, and the effect is very good. The original oil seal, although the price is high, eliminates a lot of unnecessary trouble, from a long-term perspective is the most cost-effective. If the rear shock absorber leaks oil, the oil seal can be replaced when the core is not spent, but once the core is spent, you can only replace the assembly.

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8. Valve 

This is strange, the valve can also be maintained. The answer is yes, many motorcycles need to adjust the valve clearance in the rated number of kilometers. The original factory maintenance manual is marked. However, most the maintenance master will not adjust or have too much trouble is not willing to adjust, which requires motorcycle enthusiasts to find the right mechanic to adjust the valve clearance. If some remote areas of the car do not condition to adjust, then you must pay attention to the process of using the car not frequently in the limited state of driving. 

9. Spark plugs and ignition wires 

I think if you care more about the ignition line, and have a little budget, investing in a few modified high-voltage wires and a set of iridium spark plugs is very necessary. If you have a large budget, a set of imported high-voltage wires that is not less, if you like cost performance, do not change when it is not necessary to replace.

10. Turntable chain 

Generally speaking, the maintenance has a drop of oil, there are other lubricants, these are just very primitive practices. Because these oils will easily make the chain stained with dirt and dust, but intensify the wear, but also splashed everywhere, very indecent. The correct method is: to spray chain oil. There are two types of chain oil, one is similar to ordinary oil but more sticky. The other type is like a white powder and will not splash away. Of course, the second type is the best. Chain oil only needs a thin layer of spray, you can maintain more than a thousand kilometers, and it is also very cheap, and the shelf life is extremely long, so you do not have to consider the storage problem. So your motorcycle's disc chain can be a few years without worry. 

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11. Brake skin

As long as you use more than two-thirds of the brake skin, you must change it. You can't wait until they are worn out or all worn out to change them. The first is the safety issue because when the brake pads are left with 1 in 3, the heat of the brakes will soon be transferred to the base of the brake pads, which will easily cause the brake friction material to fall off and cause accidents. The second is the wear and tear of the brake discs. As you know, brake discs are very expensive, therefore, it is not worth losing expensive brake discs to save brake skins. If you have the opportunity to change the brake steel pipe, it will improve safety and improve the brake feel. 

12. Circuit 

In circuit maintenance, general circuit lines should not be cut indiscriminately. And do not just add electrical appliances to the motorcycle, which will increase the burden of the motorcycle. Turn signals, brake lights, and other bulbs can be replaced with LEDs. On the one hand to reduce the burden of the circuit, on the other hand, also saves valuable power. 

13. Water circuit

Water-cooled motorcycles are the best use of genuine antifreeze. First, the water circuit is less likely to be a problem, the second is in the cold region cylinder will not freeze and crack. If the water in your motorcycle tank is yellow, then you need to step up the cleaning of the waterway, the major auto parts city are sold water tank cleaners, choose the brand and model according to your needs.

14. Gasoline 

The compression ratio of basic large-displacement multi-cylinder cars is generally higher, so it is recommended to use a higher grade of gasoline. If there is no high standard gasoline, then buying a large manufacturer's fuel additives to improve the octane value is also possible. There is no problem with the use, but the power of the vehicle may be slightly reduced, but this is the best solution known so far.

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How to maintain a motorcycle in long-term storage 

1. Wash the motorcycle first, dry it, or sun-dry it. Exposed moving parts (such as chains), adjusting bolts, bearings, etc. should also be coated with engine oil or grease to prevent rust after washing.

2. Drain the gasoline from the fuel tank and store it in a sealed container. Otherwise, the "light ingredients" in the gasoline will be reduced over time (evaporate into the atmosphere), making it difficult or impossible to start the motorcycle. You should also drain the carburetor to prevent impurities from clogging the carburetor holes and oil channels. 

3. Remove the battery from the vehicle and wipe it clean. Before stopping the use of the vehicle, replenish the battery with sufficient electricity and place it in a dry place, and replenish it once a month. However, do not release the electrolyte in the battery to prevent oxidation of the electrode plates caused by exposure to air. 

4. Four-stroke motorcycles should be filled with a certain amount of engine oil in the exhaust pipe. Remove the exhaust pipe from the vehicle, add a small amount of oil from the front end of the exhaust pipe, install the exhaust pipe, and then start the engine to distribute the oil evenly on the inside of the exhaust pipe to prevent rusting. 

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5. Remove the spark plug, fill the cylinder with about 20ml of pure motorcycle four-stroke oil from the spark plug port, install the spark plug, turn off the ignition lock switch (OFF position), and start the engine by pressing the starter lever 5-6 times to distribute the oil evenly on the cylinder wall. If there is no foot start motorcycle you can remove the spark plug cap, turn on the ignition lock switch (ON position), and press the start button for 2-3 seconds. 

6. Maintain standard air pressure in the front and rear tires. If the tire pressure is too low, it will cause premature aging and cracking of the tires.

7. Finally, park the motorcycle in a dry and ventilated place, and pay attention to moisture to avoid rusting. Motorcycles should not be parked in the open air for long periods, as this will accelerate the aging of the motorcycle and cause it to become old prematurely.

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