Warranty Service

1. From the date of receipt, we provide a 3-YEAR WARRANTY for the main unit and a 1-year warranty for all the accessories included.

2. Warranty Access:
2.1 The repair or replacement of products is determined by the actual breakdown situation of the product.
2.2 It is guaranteed that FXTUL will use a brand new component, accessory, or device in terms of repair or replacement.
2.3 If the product fails within 90 days after the customer receives it, the buyer should provide both a video and a picture, and we will bear the shipping cost and provide the accessories for the customer to replace it free of charge. While the product is received for more than 90 days, the customer will bear the appropriate cost and we will provide the parts to the customer for replacement free of charge.

3. These conditions below shall not be in the warranty range:
3.1 The product is not purchased through official or authorized channels.
3.2 The product breakdown is because the user does not follow product instructions to use or maintain the product.

4. Warranty Description
By these terms of sale, FXTUL is responsible for the quality defects of the goods, the legality of ownership, and the quality guarantee, as follows:
4.1 Upon discovery of defective parts, FXTUL shall repair or (by submitting brand-new parts) replace them for free.
4.2 If the product is damaged by transportation, FXTUL is obliged to do its best to help customers to repair it, and provide technical guidance and spare parts. 
4.3 If custom software is involved, FXTUL shall guarantee that the custom software complies with the functions and features specified in the technical parameters, order confirmation, related information, and program descriptions. The above-mentioned programs are not guaranteed by FXTUL to be free of defects when used in the various applications specified by the Customer, especially those applications that FXTUL has no knowledge of at the time of development or acceptance or that have not been tested.
4.4 The customer shall notify defects of the products in writing to us, but no later than 15 days after receipt of the goods.
4.5 If the customer submits a defect claim with reasonable grounds, FXTUL will bear the related costs. Provided that the defect claim is valid, including the cost of the replacement part, the cost of shipping the replacement part, and reasonable unloading and re-installation costs, and provided that the above procedures do not result in an unreasonable claim by the customer to FXTUL.
4.6 The customer shall allow FXTUL the time and opportunity to make repairs or exchanges, otherwise FXTUL shall not be liable for the consequences arising therefrom. In case of emergency, to prevent significant damage if operational safety is at risk, the customer has the right, with FXTUL's permission, to correct the product defect by itself or by a third party and FXTUL will reimburse for the necessary costs. FXTUL shall not be liable for any consequence of defective repair work carried out by the customer or by a third party.
4.7 Furthermore, FXTUL shall not be liable for any damages based on: improper or inappropriate use, storage, or incorrect installation of the product by the customer or a third party, unauthorized repair, and modification, natural wear and tear, faulty or negligent handling, or chemical effects, electric field effects, etc. beyond the capabilities of FXTUL, and the use of the product for purposes other than those for which it was designed or the use of the product not by FXTUL-related materials such as manuals, product catalog sheets, and detailed instructions, no matter how the above information is provided. In particular, information related to the conditions of use of FXTUL products (e.g. other operating requirements, environmental conditions, etc.). Additionally, the warranty will be void if the customer or a third party modifies the manipulator/software without FXTUL's prior permission and any other valid reason, even if an unmodified part is faulty.