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How to install the motorcycle ignition?

A motorcycle ignition is a motorcycle accessory that is necessary to start a motorcycle. The ignition is usually black and rectangular and is usually installed under the motorcycle seat. When the ignition is damaged, it needs to be removed and installed again.
The steps to install a motorcycle ignition are as follows.
1. First, lift the motorcycle seat to reveal the bottom bracket, which is similar to the seat of each brand.
2. Disassemble the screws that hold the fuel tank in place. This type of hexagonal screw requires an adjustable wrench or a special disassembly tool, and an ordinary one-piece screwdriver is not suitable for this purpose.
3. Once the screws are removed, lift the fuel tank to reveal the location of the motorcycle ignition, which is usually located above the motorcycle engine.
4. Gently pull out the motorcycle ignition and unplug the plug connector, paying attention to the length of the connector, which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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5. remove the damaged ignition, take out the new one and connect it up according to the original plug.
6, put the newly installed ignition back in its original position, using the ignition matching rubber ring to fix it.
7. Put the fuel tank in place, tighten the screws and cover the motorcycle seat.
8. Insert the key to start the motorcycle, put the gear in neutral, start the motorcycle and gradually accelerate it to check if the newly installed ignition is in normal condition.
Before installing the ignition, carefully check whether the plugs of the old and new motorcycle ignition are the same; whether the wiring instructions distributed by the manufacturer are the same as those of your motorcycle, and if they are different, you need to make slight modifications to your connection lines.

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